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Work for the Grimsby Institute Group

Academic Vacancies

Job Ref: STEC-17-VA-92
Wage: £25369-£31909 pa
Closing Date: 25/2/2018
Job Information

Support Vacancies

Job Ref:STEC-17-VA-70
Wage:£19076 per annum
Closing Date:25/2/2018
Learner Success Coach
Job Ref:STEC-17-VA-26
Wage:£23452 per annum
Closing Date:25/2/2018
Skills Assessor - Construction
Job Ref:STEC-17-VA-68
Wage:£17486 - £18263 per annum
Closing Date:25/2/2018
Technician - Motor Vehicle
Job Ref:STEC-17-VA-73/74/77/78/79/80/81
Wage:£23.11 per hour
Closing Date:25/2/2018
Casual Trainer
Job Ref:STEC-17-VA-86
Closing Date:25/2/2018
Learner Services Advisor
Job Ref:STEC-17-VA-87
Wage:£20901 pa
Closing Date:25/2/2018
Health & Safety Officer
Job Ref:STEC-17-VA-85
Wage:£15699 per annum pro rata
Closing Date:25/2/2018
Customer Services Advisor
Job Ref:STEC-17-VA-94
Wage:£25,000 pa
Closing Date:1/3/2018
Account Manager

Casual Vacancies

Job Ref:STEC-17-CASVA -CE1
Wage:£23.11 per hour
Closing Date: 25/2/2018
Job Information for Casual Welding Learning Practitoner
Wage:£8.14 per hour
Closing Date: 25/2/2018
Job Information for Casual Learning Support Practitioner
All applications are to be either via our on-line application form or via a downloadable application form. No other form of application will be accepted unless first agreed with by the Human Resources Department.

A Curriculum Vitae is not an acceptable alternative.
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